January 22nd, 2006

little review

Poem for Sunday

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We saw King Kong this afternoon and I feel like I sat through three separate hour-long movies. I absolutely loved the first one, really didn't like the second and was a little confused by the theme and tone of the third, though overall I would have to say it was enjoyable and I am glad my family persuaded me to see that one on the big screen (my vote had been to rush to The New World opening weekend, though it was 60 degrees here and there was almost nobody at any movie, so I imagine this weekend's box office is going to be a disappointment to Hollywood at least in the DC area). King Kong confirmed my fears that Peter Jackson has gotten rather self-indulgent and has no idea when his film might benefit from some editing by someone not in love with the material -- something I felt during The Return of the King as well -- though with ROTK, I don't think the excess hurt the film artistically since Jackson had already sold the universe so well in Fellowship and Two Towers. But to a non-historical fan like me, I was left so cold by parts of this King Kong that I wasn't as moved as I might have been later in the film when it was more emotional. Collapse )

Otherwise I wrote a couple of unenthralling Star Trek articles, updated several web pages -- I wanted the Barbie Tarot at The Little Review and realized that I needed to move the photos somewhere other than my Livejournal scrapbook to do that -- played with my kids, ate dinner and sort of paid attention to the Maryland game (I still cannot believe Georgetown beat Duke -- Georgetown is my father's alma mater so I loathe them as a matter of principle but Duke is the bane of all ACC teams!) I am sad about the whale but I had a feeling yesterday that it was headed to this sort of ending. There are probably parallels I could make with King Kong but it would probably also be tacky. Instead some other urban animals:

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Now that I have finished with the Barbie Tarot, I am thinking about doing a Fine Art Tarot -- I may limit it to European art from the 18th-19th century for simplicity's sake, since that is what I know best and I will feel less awkward leaving other eras, styles and locations out. I am very open to suggestions and would love to make this a collaborative project if people are interested.