January 26th, 2006

little review

Poem for Thursday

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I am sure I've posted that poem before, though I can't find where at the moment, but I was in the mood for it because it reminds me of Woody Allen, since he had Michael Caine's character give a book with it to Barbara Hershey's character in Hannah and Her Sisters. Back then Woody's characters still had some qualms before rushing headlong into adultery and there was a certain romance involved. I saw Match Point earlier, and while it has its good points -- mostly excellent performances and gorgeous shots of London which encompass much of my personal fantasy of living there -- I thought the movie was a hell of a lot better the first time he made it, when it was set in New York and titled Crimes and Misdemeanors. Collapse )

Anyway, I can talk about Crimes and Misdemeanors all day (in fact, I have -- I've taught it -- somewhere around here I even have my notes, and the diagram of connections between Judah and Cliff, Lester and Cliff, Lester and Ben, and Ben and Judah that I used to pass out to my class). Bottom line: if you've never seen it, forget anything else Woody Allen has done since, cinematically or in his private life, and see that one. Not only is it a vastly better film but the comedy in it is absolutely hilarious; Alan Alda has the role of a lifetime as a selfish, snotty movie producer, and there's a subplot about how maybe it's impossible to have a love life without getting shit on by those you think you love.

The reason I got to go to the movies tonight is that my mother, who unexpectedly invited me out to lunch, also unexpectedly offered to babysit tonight as my father was going to be at a meeting or something and my mother's dinner plans got cancelled. So I had lunch at the cafe in Borders (I had to be in that mall to go to the post office), came home, wrote two articles, then had leftover pizza with my husband and went out to the movies, which we very rarely get to do on weeknights (well, on weekends either, since my parents almost always have plans and it's cheaper to buy a DVD to watch at home than hire a babysitter and pay for a movie in the theater). Woo hoo, an R-rated film! So I ended up having a very nice day. And my good friend from London sent me Nelson and Napoleon, the catalogue of the exhibit that we just missed last spring at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich. I have only barely flipped through it but I am squealing in joy.

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Obviously since I was out so much I am way behind on comments and e-mail and stuff! Sorry! I will try to do better tomorrow!