January 27th, 2006

little review

Poem for Friday

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Tonight's Smallville wins my "Best Use of a Peter Gabriel Song In a Nighttime Soap" award. Oh, that's right, Smallville isn't a nighttime soap, it's sci-fi/fantasy! Except, you know, that it's a nighttime soap, and its 100th episode honored that very well. Don't get me wrong: I really enjoyed it. But when Clark is spending more time crying out someone's name than throwing that person over his shoulder to super-speed that person to a hospital...that's a nighttime soap. Collapse )

I was going to post another ee cummings poem but I wanted a poem that somehow went with these pictures. I know I've been posting National Zoo photos anyway, but tonight's are particularly poignant for me because the elephant Toni was euthanized yesterday after her arthritis took a bad turn. There are articles and remembrances here and here at The Washington Post.

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Otherwise I don't have a lot of news since lunchtime...wrote up a fun George Takei interview in which he praised Howard Stern and took potshots at Shatner...George, I'm delighted you came out but give up the Bill grudge already, nobody wants to hear it. And I wrote a story on the company that now holds the Star Trek gaming license, which is literally ten minutes from my house...I could get a job there if I knew a damn thing about video game QA or programming, they're hiring! I should see if I can get my son an unpaid internship -- he'd probably report bugs to them in exchange for free Elder Scrolls, and if I can get him playing their Trek games, maybe he can make me understand what it means when these articles talk about "branching missions and multiple outcomes."

Dinner was tacos which we originally promised the kids Tuesday, but then we brought in pizza that night and my mother fed them last night. And we all watched "The Doomsday Machine" together so I could review it...again, I think Smallville suffers by comparison, because the original Star Trek has no peer. Not even DS9. Spock's all logical concern about the planet killer, then Kirk announces that he's going to stay on the Constellation to try to blow it up and suddenly it's "Jim...you'll be killed, just like Decker. Your chances of survival are not promising." Sigh!