February 1st, 2006

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Poem for Wednesday

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I knew it was going to be a bad news day following the Oscar nominations so I tried to avoid televisions, and then, in the evening when The State of the Moron was on, we watched Troy on some cable channel because Sean Bean, Orlando Bloom, Eric Bana and even Brad Pitt are a worthy distraction from Dubya. (I kind of like Brad Pitt. Don't think he can really act, but have enjoyed him since Thelma and Louise and never saw Meet Joe Black so can't hold it against him...okay, he did date Gwyneth Paltrow, but if I held that against Brad, I would have to hold Jack Nicholson against Anjelica Huston and it's just not worth it.)

Anyway, I keep putting off seeing Walk the Line and it is clear I need to stop doing that -- I am not even sure why, as I really like Joaquin and Reese and I mostly like Johnny Cash and June Carter. Any other year I would totally love for both of them to win, but it's really hard for me to root against Heath and I really like Felicity Huffman and it's also really hard for me to root against someone playing a transgendered character which it seems to me by definition must be more difficult than playing a singer, even one based on a real person. But since I haven't seen Transamerica either, I will not rant either way. I will only rant if Keira Knightley wins because I am not sure what she's doing with a nomination instead of Laura Linney! Oh, I guess I better see Munich too. It's not like Spielberg has ever really let me down, even when he's made me mad. Not counting Hook. Collapse ); instead I will post this:

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Why am I cranky? Oh yeah. Remember I had that mole on my back removed and it was pretty benign but dysplastic or some such a couple of months ago? I now have an infection in the incision site, which appeared to have healed, that has gotten steadily worse, oozed pus, made me itch like anything and is now too scary looking to ignore. So I have to get up very early to go to the dermatologist and hope it's just something stupid like one of the stitches tore and got stuck under the skin or something. Did I mention that it itches and looks really scary?