February 4th, 2006

little review

Poem for Saturday

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My day started with chaos as I had totally forgotten younger son had an orthodontist appointment, and had he not remembered because any excuse to miss school is a good one, I would have forgotten all about it! So I left the house without even having had time to take a shower, spent the morning in the dentist's office and then got myself California Tortilla turkey chili for lunch because I was starving after dropping son off at school!

In my disorganization, I completely forgot to talk about Thursday night's Smallville, which was actually really interesting and strangely morally ambiguous for all its declared certainties! Collapse ) In other TV news, I reviewed "Catspaw", which was lots of fun to watch but difficult to write up because it's really quite a bad episode both in terms of the fantasy elements and in terms of all the actors' difficulties keeping a straight face during the zombie sequences and while being chased by a giant cat (which my younger son loved...every time the witch-kitty mreeeoowled, he said, "Someone forgot to feed her!") I did not mention the fact that any scene involving Kirk, Spock, a dungeon and handcuffs would alone make an episode worth watching for me because there are many slashier episodes coming up and I want to save my ammunition for when it counts.

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I got some good news: I don't need a tetanus shot. Seems that the one I got after Boromir bit me is sufficient to protect me from Aragorn. The little bugger is playing innocent, trying to get me to take him out of his cage to play. But I know a gerbil under the influence of the Ring when I see one.