February 6th, 2006

little review

Poem for Monday

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I had a really good, busy day, seeing lots of people and doing lots of things. While the kids were at Hebrew school I finished a review of Heavy Words Lightly Thrown for next week's GMR, wrote an article about Armin Shimerman in What the Bleep for TrekToday and caught up on comments I should have done last week.

After lunch I went with vertigo66 to the Imbolc celebration at the First Pagan Church in Northern Virginia, where we talked about Candlemas, Lupercalia and Valentine's Day, ate apple cake and chocolate truffles and focused on sweeping out old baggage, which left me feeling extremely calm and content -- it is almost the exact opposite of my Washington Hebrew Congregation experiences, which makes me think more and more that I am a member of the wrong congregation and though I don't think it really makes sense to pull my kids out of the Hebrew school they've attended since they were two, I should make the effort myself to join Capital Kehillah or Beth Shekinah and make my Jewish experiences mean something besides stress and obligation. Collapse )

From the Imbolc celebration, I came home and my family went to my friend's annual Super Bowl party, which as always was so crowded that no one could hear the television during the first quarter when the peak number of guests were present and so much fun that I didn't care -- I see a couple of people from high school only once a year, at this party, and my friend and I actually had a chance to talk for a long time this year which we don't always get. Her husband convinced her to get a dog last year, and this year he convinced her to adopt a stranded Hurricane Katrina dog, and she is feeling overwhelmed with needy pets that aren't getting along so well and are acting out all over the house! She's a pediatrician with three children so things are often chaotic there anyway. Mostly I caught the long 7-3 stretch of the first half and a handful of commercials that were impossible to hear, though I got the gist of the Nimoy one -- I didn't realize from the advance press that he would need the pain medication to face a Star Trek convention! I put my dollar on 38 for the total score, Seahawks as victors, so needless to say I did not win the pot.

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After the game -- well, okay, during the fourth quarter -- we watched Bleak House. I insisted, since football could be left on in the kitchen but PBS only comes in clearly via cable in the living room. Oh poor Esther, and poor Lady Dedlock! This production is so excellent! Meanwhile I want to say something about Betty Friedan but that might get me into trouble too, so I will just note that she was influential on me even if she did say some stupid things over the lengthy course of her invaluable public career. And on that note, goodnight!