February 8th, 2006

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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Totally quiet morning at home, doing laundry and writing up incredibly slow-loading but rather interesting interview with LeVar Burton, was succeeded by usual Tuesday carpool hectic rushing and then even more hecticness at dinner, as my husband picked up my father along with the kids on the way from Hebrew school and we went to Hamburger Hamlet, only to find it utterly mobbed and with a long wait. My father having roughly the same tolerance for waiting as my kids, we left and debated where else to go -- older son wanted pizza, younger son wanted Mexican -- ended up compromising on Chicken Out which has become even more expensive and blander than last time I was there. The potatoes and gravy have no taste, the macaroni actually tastes worse than Kraft cardboard...I know my parents prefer bland, but this is more than I can handle!

I discovered Ivanhoe on TCM this afternoon and left it on while recording it. I'd thought I'd seen the film before but I think I only saw the jousting scenes because I had absolutely no memory of it beyond the tournament grounds -- I didn't even remember that Elizabeth Taylor's character was Jewish! What a great movie, with two women in competition for the same man where it managed not to be cloying and repulsive, and I just love all the gleeful King John stuff (since he's always portrayed as evil in these things, I prefer him as intelligent-evil rather than buffoon-evil) and the trial and the knights.

Tonight we watched Wallace & Gromit which my husband the fan picked up day-of-release -- quite entertaining on a second viewing, and I didn't notice the first time that the Three Wise Men in the church stained glass were first holding their ears, then doing See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil while the vicar was preaching! (And all the wilted boob jokes, and the "Cheese. Caution: May Contain Nuts." I am twelve, like my son!) Then, after that -- despite being sad about the long hiatus for Commander in Chief -- I got my weekly favorite hour of television, Boston Legal. Collapse )

Thank you, Canada, for the park. Maybe Boston Legal can send Alan and Denny back to that wildlife preserve where they first slept together and went salmon fishing and put out a message to which certain people in my own government might pay attention. The leader apparently gets all his background knowledge (as in, the sort not handed to him on position papers he's expected to memorize) from movies and TV, anyway...

A display of lilies from the Chinese New Year celebration at Lakeforest Mall last week.

And dear GMR editors, why did I waste my Sunday morning finishing that book review for you, after you asked for it by Sunday night, when you aren't running it this issue anyway? I could have done my TrekToday news bullets then and not had an insane workload on Monday! I thought you promised that all this crap stopped when the last batch of editors left -- the ones who made me disappear for two years?

Sorry I'm behind on comments. Shall attempt to remedy in the morning.