February 17th, 2006

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Poem for Friday

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Sorry about the bawdy lyrics. *g* Am just back from Jennifer Cutting's Ocean Orchestra which was minus Grace Griffith, who was at her sister's wedding, but which had a special treat -- Bob Hitchcock! Which means that, with Jennifer, Lisa Moscatiello and Rico Petruccelli already on the stage, we saw 4/5 of the original New St. George! (The tragicomic history of that very highly acclaimed US-British folk-rock group is here.) They did "The Steggie", "Our Captain Cried 'All Hands'", "The Mermaid"...a Breton version of "The Water Is Wide"...most of the songs on Ocean including "Forgiveness" which I have only heard Maddy Prior sing before, "The Sands of Time" which may still be the most beautiful song I have ever heard (I like Lisa's version better than Grace's, forgive me), "My Grief on the Sea", "Song for the Night Sea Journey" (the one based on "Jupiter" from Holst's The Planets)..."Venus"...several reels and hornpipes, bagpipe solos, some excellent guitar and bass solos...all in all a really lovely evening. (There is an interview with Cutting in last week's Washington Post if anyone else is geeking out as much as I am!)

Instruments onstage before the concert at Blackrock Center for the Arts. Four people played three guitars, two bass guitars, two different mandolins, button accordion, bouzouki, keyboard, whistles...and that's not counting the the percussionist, fiddler (he brought two instruments) or three varieties of bagpipes played by the piper.

Otherwise I spent my day trying to get organized so I could go out tonight -- parents babysat the kids, we ate in Germantown (soup and sandwiches, really good) so we could get good seats in the general admission theater. I was originally supposed to have lunch with gblvr but by the time we were both out of the shower, it was going to be late and hectic so we postponed. I wrote articles on Manny Coto and Chase Masterson yakking about how they want Star Trek fans to continue to spend money on their new projects remain faithful to the cause, and how Shatner will sing and show off on the debut of Living In TV Land.

Collapse ) And Scott Hamilton, you have an Olympic gold medal for one reason only: because Brian Orser couldn't skate figures for crap. So despite being the first man to land a triple axel in Olympic competition, beating you soundly in the short and long program, he couldn't overcome his deficit from the earliest stages that Olympic skaters are no longer required to perform. So shut up already. Although if Dick Button is the alternative, never mind...I'd rather listen to you than him. Where is Brian Orser anyway? Can we have him as a commentator?