February 22nd, 2006

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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ribby sent me that poem (the old-fashioned way, via snail mail). Thank you so much, sweetie! And now I need to get that book!

How come it always takes five times as much time to unpack as it does to pack, even if you only packed for two days? Spent much of the morning on laundry and organizational tasks like that. Went out to lunch with gblvr, narrowly avoided spending money in several stores (well, I did buy the 2006 page-a-day Star Trek calendar because I suck have bought it every year for the past at least ten -- how many years have they been publishing them? That long), came home with orange blossom eau de toilette and two Lindt chocolate balls. Ran around driving Hebrew school carpools.

In between I wrote the three articles my site owner had apparently wanted me to do over the weekend, though I told him three times I was going to be out of town. Strangely, he knew I was going to be at Farpoint doing interviews but somehow missed the fact that I would be in Pennsylvania for the next two days, which I am quite sure I mentioned in the same notes. So I am undoubtedly going to have work dumped on me to compensate...ah well, I shall not rush to transcribe the interviews. But as a result of the three articles, I have not answered the pile of mail and comments left over from yesterday. (Am irritable at GMR too -- finished my Match Point review, and they still have my book review held over from a couple of weeks ago and did not rush to finish the Harry Potter essay book review.)

Sasha Cohen really skated nicely but you all know I missed most of the women's short program, because Collapse ) I love that the show with my favorite slash couple on TV also has women characters I adore and Rene Auberjonois too. Tuesday nights are bliss.

Statue of Abe Lincoln and contemporary passerby outside the Wills House in downtown Gettysburg. Lincoln stayed with David Wills from November 18-19th 1863, met then-Governor Curtin and rode on horseback up what is now the road separating the national battlefield visitor's center from the cemetery to deliver the Gettysburg Address, which he finished writing in this building -- now a Lincoln museum.