February 24th, 2006

little review

Poem for Friday

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Torvill and Dean made me think of that poem. Which is not fair to them, but I was young and impressionable. Cohen got lucky to get what she got, I know, but she was so much more graceful than Kerrigan in getting it that I cannot hold it against her. It wasn't a superlative field at the top this Games -- well, I felt that way last Games, maybe I am just old -- and it might have been Kwan's turn had she been healthy, but Kwan has never been Yamaguchi for me and Yamaguchi has never been Witt (who admittedly is also not a fair comparison, as I am remembering how good she got after her win in '84 rather than how she skated on the night, which I scarcely remember). Remind me to write something some time on T&D, The London Times and RPF.

I didn't watch all the skaters anyway as I was watching "Journey To Babel" for reviewing. This led to some discussion of Legilimency vs. Vulcan mind melds and wicked RPing with the wonderful dementordelta, whom I would worship like a fangirl if there was not already such a long queue to worship her. Now I am projecting Sarek and Amanda as Snape's parents, too, which is just insane.

Earlier perkypaduan brought yummy burritos over and we watched Mr. & Mrs. Smith because she had not seen it and wanted to. I actually might write up a review of it just because the Wealthy Suburbia Kills Marriage Especially For Women theme plays out in such interesting ways. Jane is always two steps ahead of John and can do everything he can do backward and in high heels. She knows Sexy Woman is as much a performance as Perfect Housewife -- and something easier to pull off with a team of assistants. John does not buy into his bitter friend's misogyny and looks for ways to undercut him even when he is, by macho standards, totally whipped in every regard. I need to meditate on this further because while there were a lot of things in this film that might have pushed my ranting feminist buttons in another movie, they did not in this one because of other things that mitigated them.

Star Trek news for the day was the upcoming Q DVD set (I have the book collecting the scripts for the episodes in the set but I don't have any TNG on DVD, maybe it's time) and the possible return of the Star Trek Communicator, which is one of those fannish things I don't get as you can get the same stuff online for free. I still have not transcribed interviews from the convention last weekend as I have had too much other work to do, and Friday I am interviewing Jennifer Cutting for GMR! At her studio! I am trying to keep my inner fan girl under control.

Collapse ) Speaking of collecting cards, was given the Golden Tarot as a gift -- I had seen the cards online, where the deck had its genesis (the images are collaged from Medieval and Renaissance paintings) -- it is quite lovely and the little book about the artwork is fascinating.

The Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, built in 1787 on the site of the 1741 Conewago Chapel in Hanover, Pennsylvania. The land originally was given to Lord Baltimore, the Catholic leader of the Maryland colony, though the church later received a patent from the Penns. It's the first parish church in the Americas dedicated to the heart of Jesus and the oldest Catholic church building in the US built of stone.