February 25th, 2006

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Poem for Saturday

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I had a lovely day. Spent the morning writing the site columns for TrekToday and my "Journey To Babel" review. Ate lunch, then drove out to interview Jennifer Cutting in her home and studio, which has 19th century tall ship paintings on the wall and glass suncatchers making rainbows in the windows and as many CDs as we have, and she made me PG Tips tea so I was all warm and bouncy and happy. (fileg, she remembers you and your place.) And I was a total fangirl and asked her to sign my New St. George CD. What the hell, I am sure Lisa Moscatiello could have warned her that I was a total fangirl if she did not suspect already. And I think it's a great interview, with lots of stuff about her personal journey to make Ocean -- I can't wait to write it up.

This is Jennifer on keyboards and Lisa on guitar being introduced when they performed with the Ocean Orchestra at Borders the night Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was released. More pics here.

We had dinner with my parents and uncle, rushed because apaulled had to be online to test some stuff with people from his company's Bangalore office. Came home and watched the figure skating exhibition...Cohen is just so much fun to watch when she isn't falling out of her triple-triple combinations, and I love that she performed to Barbra Streisand (I didn't even think about it before but of course with a name like Sasha Cohen she must be Jewish) and Arakawa performed beautifully...give the girl a gold medal and she skates like a gold medalist, even if I can't stand that music. We also saw the giant slalom in the snow, or tried to through the whiteness...I don't really understand how it is fair for some people to have gotten to ski while the skies were clear and other people had to fight through visibility so bad the camera couldn't track them and fluffy snow that must have been slowing them down. I don't ever remember blizzard conditions coming up before mid-event like that, though I am sure now someone will remind me of one!

Couldn't deal with the real news, again, so here is news I could deal with from my local station: fake penis problems and another evolutionary hole gets plugged, undoubtedly to the distress of proponents of Intelligent Design. fridayfiver this week is an Oscar poll (not sure if we were supposed to vote for what we expected to win or what we wanted to win but in the case of Best Picture, the answer is the same anyway), and there is no new fannish5 as of this writing. thefridayfive: Collapse )

Being Led Astray is the perfect way to end an evening. *smooches responsible party and wishes her a good trip* Tomorrow early we have tickets to see the baby panda again, so I will be at the zoo!