March 1st, 2006

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Poem for Wednesday

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I spent all morning fighting off a migraine that I blame on the dentist...for some reason I always end up with a splitting headache after being subjected to the polishing brush, which bothers me more than the drill. The roof of my mouth is violently ticklish and I always tense up like crazy in anticipation of being vibrated by that thing, and then my jaw and the rest feel terrible all day afterward. Considering how much the bite guard has helped me, you'd think I could not associate the dentist with head pain!

So I took several Excedrin and had two cups of tea, and then took a long walk to work off all this caffeine, and posted my Trek articles on the early side (finished Harve Bennett, wrote up Rick Berman's assistant running his mouth on the death of the franchise even though he can't tell Voyager episodes from Enterprise episodes), then updated my own web page with GMR and Trek articles I hadn't gotten around to linking. Tuesday is Hebrew school carpool day, so I had to pick up older son from the bus, then drive both kids to Hebrew. In my brainlessness I forgot that this week was the week younger son's class was celebrating having finished their first Hebrew books and missed the Siyum Sefer -- I had been expecting both my husband and my mother to ask about driving there with me, and when neither did, I had it in my mind that it must be next week! Fortunately husband arrived to pick them up early and caught the end of it, and son did not seem to mind.

Then, right after dinner, we lost power for nearly an hour! Had lovely candlelit bonding session in family room with kids doing homework and me trying to fold laundry and all of us claustrophobic because of the things we couldn't get done. It was a great relief when the lights came back on! Kids watched the second half of The Pacifier on cable, and then I had my usual Tuesday night hour of bliss: Collapse ) Okay, that may be my longest babble about that show yet. I should see if Trek Nation wants reviews, seeing as it's Shatner and all. *G* On a final note, how come there are so many photos of Tom and Katie at that Aussie magnate's funeral and so few of Russell and Danielle? Not fair. And that's enough shallow for one evening. The alternative is to rant about the single mother arrested in my state and jailed because her kids keep cutting school. Way to help keep families intact. Sigh. She needs Alan Shore to defend know he would.

National Zoo lemur in the Small Mammal House. Because who can resist that face?