March 9th, 2006

little review

Poem for Thursday

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And speaking of animals, apaulled sent me this link about a furry crustacean. Having been at Baltimore's American Dime Museum before it closed, I can't help but feel like this must be a hoax!

Had a lovely lunchtime -- California Tortilla and Russell Crowe/Hugo Weaving in Proof -- with the extremely generous agentirish and perkypaduan, and most of the rest of the day was spent in organizational matters trying to get my MDA up and loaded and connected and running. I am still not caught up on anything (except work -- I did finish those news bullets, though they were dated late because TrekToday is on GMT!)

In the evening we put in Goblet of Fire but I only partially watched, as I was taking files off my Palm so my older son can use it -- smutty fanfic not really desirable -- and we turned it off halfway through since it was younger son's bedtime. Thursday is my mother's birthday, so we are all having dinner together, then I have to review Star Trek, so we probably won't get back to it till the weekend, woe! But at least I got my Lucius fix. Now we're recording The Aviator and speaking of Oscar silliness, I'm wondering how in hell Million Dollar Baby beat this. It's not Scorsese's best work but it's a heck of a lot better than Eastwood's million and one visual cliches.

Does anyone have either really good stories or real nightmare stories about Verizon vs. T-Mobile vs. Cingular vs. Sprint so far as cellular/wireless service is concerned? MDA vs. Blackberry vs. Palm Treo? Would appreciate hearing!