March 10th, 2006

little review

Poem for Friday

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Had a rather crazy day, though a reasonably nice one, at least when I was not witnessing unnecessary wank! I played a lot with the MDA, which had great connectivity today, and finally figured out how to import my contacts to Outlook. I had lunch with my beloved gblvr; I had intended not to make her drive down so far in my direction but I realized I had to stop at two different stores on Rockville Pike before my kids got out of school for stuff for the dinner, so I dragged her down here. While in Barnes & Noble to get a book for my mother, I discovered that B&N is publishing their own line of photography books, and Digital Photo Projects In Easy Steps has some really nicely explained shortcuts for $10. Just a PSA for other amateurs -- I have this wonderful book on digital landscape photography but sometimes the Photoshop recommendations are far more complicated and sophisticated than what I need just to fix up an image to post online.

It was my mother's birthday, so I needed to pick up a last present for her that I hadn't managed to find earlier in the week. We had promised to bring a cake over -- we are going out for the Official Birthday Dinner tomorrow night for both my mother and my uncle who is visiting, since it's a weekend -- but in a very typical situation, we got different orders from different parents. My father wanted a Carvel Ice Cream cake and announced that that was what my mother wanted. Suspecting that this might not be the case, in part because my uncle can't have chocolate, we asked my mother what SHE wanted and she suggested that we NOT get Carvel because they put a layer of chocolate crunch stuff in the middle that is very hard to remove. She doesn't love it and her brother can't eat it, so she requested we get Baskin Robbins instead. So we called the two nearest Baskin Robbins stores, but the only small cakes they had were strawberry or chocolate; the vanilla cakes were those huge sheet kinds that wouldn't have fit into our freezer and can serve 20. Deciding that was excessive, apaulled came home with a plain pound cake and a quart of ice cream, cut the ice cream over the pound cake, covered it all with frosting and iced it. On the way over I bet him that my father would complain, and sure enough, practically the first words out of his mouth were, "Your mother wanted a Carvel cake!" It is a good thing apaulled has a sense of humor about this and is used to it by now. We got in trouble another year for getting dark chocolate (my mother's favorite) for her birthday when my father announced that he liked white chocolate better...

Anyway, that's the family schtick. We all watched "The Deadly Years" night so I can review it -- "You traitorous, stab me in the back the first chance you get? Spock! Get out. I never want to look at you again." Oh, the Kirk angst! betareject made me very happy with this Kira/Damar ficlet-on-demand. And I am very tired, as today was an early morning since hubby had an early meeting, so I must go collapse! Once again must put catching up off another day!

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And oh, yeah...happy Remus Lupin's birthday. *g*