March 15th, 2006

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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My flist is awesome. I'm just saying, in case you think I didn't notice. *g* Tuesday was a much, much better day than Monday in pretty much every regard. We had a couple of minor scares that on other days might have been major grievances -- the Hebrew school dropped a last-minute bombshell about Bar Mitzvah tutoring scheduling (as in, "Hello, we want to move it up, can your son come tomorrow at 6:30?") and the credit card company called to ask about unauthorized charges -- I had a moment of panic thinking we must have tossed out a receipt somewhere, maybe in the stolen trash can, and someone had been using our card, but it turned out that they had the charge for my new phone and services on the same bill as our Verizon bill for the cell phone that my son will be using, and they were just making sure we had two different plans on the card.

Pretty much the only calls I worried about were from family -- my father will likely be home tomorrow, with his gall bladder, as it sounds like they are going to keep an eye on it instead of operating right away since he seems to have passed the stone that brought him in, though they won't know for sure until tomorrow morning. I talked to my sister several times and my father's brother on the west coast, which is the most family contact I've had since Chanukah probably (and all of us forgot it was Purim, heh, though I did eat my chocolate hamantaschen). Collapse ) Wow -- I think I wrote even more about it than last week. I am so tired that I don't even know if that was coherent, let alone accurate. I'm kind of pathetic.

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Son has very early orthodontist appointment tomorrow so he doesn't miss too much school. Must sleep!