March 18th, 2006

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Poem for Saturday

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I had a quiet morning of taking care of more computer stuff, putting photos on my MDA and burning CDs of music and pictures for relatives. Then I wrote the TrekToday site columns and a review of "Obsession", which really plays much better than it should, given the utter silliness of its sci-fi premise. It's one of Kirk's most problematic episodes, and having spent the last two years obsessed with Patrick O'Brian, the very naval character of the service seemed so much more significant to me, particularly when Kirk accuses the crew of conspiring against him and needs the ship's doctor not to question his mental state. His intuition ends up being right (as Jack Aubrey's nearly always does, too), but wow, what risks he takes.

And I spent two hours tonight finally, finally watching Doctor Who! I saw part of the first episode when we were in England last spring and have been waiting and waiting...I can't watch Region 2 discs on my DVD player (I know, I've tried) and I get headaches when I try to watch jiggling .avi files on my computer screen, so I had no choice but to wait. Now I am very happily sated, totally in love with Rose (I knew I would be -- she's so very real and non-glam and funny). The Night of the Department Store Dummies, a perfect combination of camp and serious, made me very nostalgic for London, and It's the End of the World As We Know It (yes, I know that these are not the real titles) manages to be great fun and rather sad and thoughtful at the same time. I never got into any of the first several iterations of Doctor Who but I knew even from the bit I saw last year that I was going to love this one with its smart sexy writing and the lovely Mr. Eccleston.

In between we had dinner with my parents. My father is still in quite a bit of pain and they are now looking at possible neurological causes, a pinched nerve or something spinal, because there is no evidence of any kind of blockage in his gall bladder or pancreas but there is some inflammation. He can't really get comfortable and is not a happy camper.

This week's fridayfiver and thefridayfive are about which movie and TV characters are most like me and who should star in the movie of my life...meh, I can't really think of any. And fannish5 is why I love or hate meta-fannish discussion...I hate it when it reminds me of the academic bullshit, the worship of pedantry and time spent agonizing over trivia, so I don't often read it, but that has more to do with my background as a student of literature and popular culture than meta itself, so I think people should meta away and I will simply not read it unless it really speaks to me.

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Penn lost. And since Maryland didn't make the tournament, I can officially not care! *g* Plus Letterman just made a joke about Osama Bin Laden trying to sell his kidney stone for $25,000. Mwahaha, Shatner is everywhere!