March 23rd, 2006

little review

Poem for Thursday

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My day was about as hectic as I expected -- running kids around from school to dentist (where older son learned, to his distress, that he must have a tooth pulled in a couple of weeks) and then rushing to get older son to his Bar Mitzvah tutoring, which was complicated by the fact that he had lost the notebook in which all the stuff he was given at the first tutoring session had been put! I threatened him with no video games for the rest of the year if he did not find it. He got lucky in that his father, who had been apprised of the situation, found the notebook where it had either fallen or been stuffed between the couch and the end table. Graaaar.

The rest of my day was relatively unexciting (covering Shatner's 75th birthday and plans to release the Trek shows on bargain DVDs with no extras, making mac and cheese for dinner while hubby was picking up son from the Hebrew tutoring) until evening, when TV Land's night of specials made my week! First the TV Land Awards were on, which were far more fun than they should have been. I put it on to see the Dallas cast because I can't resist seeing Hagman and Gray together any chance I get (and Duffy and Tilton and the rest are just gravy), and they got the first big award of the night, with clips of the "Who Shot J.R." episode making me nostalgic for eighth grade when my French class put on a dramatization of "Qui a fusille J.R." with me playing Sue Ellen. But oh! Jonathan Kent singing The Dukes of Hazzard theme song! Collapse )

And after that, we watched Living in TV Land: William Shatner! Where I am not going to cut as a spoiler the fact that THEY SHAMELESSLY SLASHED KIRK AND SPOCK ALL OVER THE PLACE! Shatner talks about himself as a singer, asking, "Who does this guy think he is?" Collapse ) But the best Trekkie aspect of this special is that Shatner sings a LOVE SONG to Kirk/Spock. Okay, maybe the TV Land producers made it look that way, but he's singing, "Don't change because you think I might like that. I fell in love with you," while they are showing Kirk staring at Spock, then Shatner elbowing Nimoy. Later they show Nimoy on T.J. Hooker, and as Spock fighting with Kirk, while Shatner is singing, "I love what you wear because you're wearing it, I want you to be you..." Oh MAN I love Shatner! And, I mean, Brad Paisley and Mark Valley also have crushes on him, so I have nothing to apologize for. Even his son in law loves him! And Rene Auberjonois!

In other entertaining news, I am sure everyone who cares already saw this, but "Oldman Locked For Potter -- Finally!". And for the archaeology geek in me, "Ancient Sarcophagus Unearthed in Cyprus".

A little owl at the National Zoo.

Another very early morning tomorrow. I must get to bed. I didn't get any laundry folded and I don't even care! ETA for vertigo66: The Shatner special reruns next Wednesday night at 10 p.m. Eastern time!