March 24th, 2006

little review

Poem for Friday

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I had a nice morning working on a review and writing up news bullets, then met perkypaduan for lunch at the mall, where I indulged myself in this (because how can I resist a Brokeback Mountain t-shirt even if it's not official merchandise) and found an upright holster for my MDA -- actually designed for one of the Treo phones, but it fits very well, nice and snug, and it's a lot easier to get the phone out one-handed, plus I can get the charge/sync cable and earphones plugged in without elastic in the way! And I bought my husband a birthday card, since Friday is his birthday. (Actually two cards -- the kids are making their own, but I had to get one from the cats!)

Younger son started soccer practice tonight and we carpooled with another boy in the neighborhood, then realized we had nothing in the house for dinner and ended up running out. After dinner older son somehow stumbled across Titanic on HBO when he was supposed to be turning off the television after The Simpsons, and like dorks we sat down and watched the last hour even though we own it on DVD; I know it is popular to point out all the reasons people think that movie is overrated, but this is only the fourth or fifth time I've seen any part of it and I must admit that for me it gets better with every viewing, I think because I'm more sold on DiCaprio after Total Eclipse and The Aviator. His character suffers from the weakest dialogue by far -- did this movie win the screenplay Oscar in its hoard? Gah. The acting and cinematography make up for a great many sins.

At night after I posted a Vaughn Armstrong interview we all watched a bit of the world figure skating championships while I finished folding laundry, then "Wolf in the Fold" because that's the Star Trek episode for reviewing this week. (dementordelta, of course I thought of you and had to fight off porny related thoughts. *veg*) I also worked on fic -- I wrote a tag on my handheld in a mall eatery, hee! -- and finally finished cropping Huntley Meadows pics from a couple of weeks ago. So a fairly productive day! And whoo, the end of that Texas-West Virginia game almost revives my interest in basketball, not to mention UCLA-Gonzaga! And Duke is GONE!

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We are going to a concert for apaulled's birthday so I will not be around in the evening, though I have a bunch of work to do first!