April 3rd, 2006

little review

Poem for Monday

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I'm sunburned. We went downtown at 9:30 this morning (with me in something of a daze, after turning the clocks forward), and stayed until late afternoon, having seen in the interim the Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, Lincoln, Korean War, Vietnam War and World War II memorials, as well as hundreds of cherry blossoms, the Tidal Basin, Reflecting Pool and Potomac River. apaulled's original plan was to walk to the opposite end of the National Mall to see the Dada exhibit at the National Gallery of Art, but older son was grumbling, younger son was vocally cranky and I was more than happy to put it off until another weekend, particularly as the score from Le Ballet Mécanique is played during the run of the exhibit on automated instruments at 4 p.m. and we'd missed it. (War memorials and other monuments coming up; tonight you get the ones nearest the flowers!)

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Evening was rapidly thrown together chicken caesar salad (better with fresh romaine but those caesar-in-a-bag packages aren't bad), then the Maryland-UNC women's game around The West Wing. Collapse ) Maryland was up by nine when the episode ended, and then, as we watched, their lead...was cut to two. So I cleverly did what I failed to do last night, though I seriously thought about it: I turned off the game. We let younger son put some cartoon on. When Yahoo was reporting the good news, then we turned the game channel back on! Then I rooted for LSU to beat Duke, in part because I feel badly for the LSU men and in part because on the outside chance that things to not go well for the Maryland women in the final, I do NOT want Duke to win! (Sorry seleneheart. *g*) I guess we are getting the all-ACC finale though!

So, yeah, no work done at all Sunday. Am sure I will pay tomorrow. I did fold four laundries during the evening television session, so I feel good about that!