April 6th, 2006

little review

Poem for Thursday

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Met my mother for lunch at the mall, where instead of eating (since it was already 1:30) we looked for Afikoman prizes for the kids for Passover and I tested the wi-fi hot spot on my phone -- Borders is on T-Mobile's network so unlike Barnes & Noble where I can only surf their catalogue, I had the run of the entire Internet! And I realize that for many people with laptops and PDAs, this is old news, but it was really exciting for me who has never done it before. *g* As a result, I made it in and out of the mall without spending one cent! And then in the evening when I took my son to Hebrew school for his Bar Mitzvah tutoring, I discovered that the building must be near a cell phone tower because the pages moved really quickly. Fun! Plus I figured out how to load my own ringtone, and at younger son's insistence, my phone now plays "Bananaphone" when it rings (keelywolfe, this is your fault, as you pointed me to the link for the ringtone long ago)!

Not much other news other than news...Jolene Blalock saying she never gets recognized without T'Pol's hairdo even though she's posed nude, new original series action figures slated for the 40th anniversary and the really cool thing, the development of a VISOR that allows a woman who lost both her eyes in an accident to see light and shapes by sending signals to electrodes in her brain. Took a long walk on this gorgeous evening since the temperature is supposed to drop overnight, watched the rest of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe whose CGI battle still goes on a little too long for my taste but I love the animals and all the color...reminds me of great children's book illustrations. And now there is baseball. The Dodgers are playing on TV right now, and we are going to the Nationals' home opener on Tuesday!

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This week younger son's soccer practice moves from 5:30 to 6:30 for Daylight Savings, meaning the evening will be chaotic with trying to review Star Trek and watch Smallville...and I just found out that when it returns next week, Commander in Chief is moving to Thursday nights at 10! Which sucks, as my kids are fans of that show! Is ABC trying to kill it to save the expense of the big names, after all the executive producers leaving? Sigh!