April 7th, 2006

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Poem for Friday

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Older son had a gym field trip today where part of the class went swimming, part went to play soccer and the group my son chose to go with went bowling. He apparently did pretty well and came home with a used bowling pin as some sort of not-trophy-but-not-bad, so he was in a good mood. Younger son, meanwhile, was in a great mood because he discovered Monterey Bay Aquarium's penguin cam (he had been watching the National Zoo kiwi cam and took it upon himself to look up "penguin cam" on Google). Then he had the brilliant idea that he could start a penguin fan club with a newsletter, and when the impracticality of producing and distributing such a newsletter was pointed out to him by the person most likely to have to do layout, printing and collating, he agreed that a web page might be a good place to start. Hence, we give you: penguinpics. Please feel free to join and post your own!

I met beeej for lunch at our favorite Northern Virginia Indian restaurant, where we chatted about matters both fannish and mundane and she promised me pimping into Stargate: Atlantis (since she successfully pimped me into Highlander after I managed never to see it for many years, I am very confident about her pimping abilities). Younger son had soccer practice this evening, moved back an hour due to Daylight Savings time; I wrote news bullets and an article on the (im)probability of the Trek franchise moving to direct-to-DVD production, and I got the Star Trek Fan Collective: Time Travel set in the mail to review, with "Time's Arrow" and "Yesterday's Enterprise" so I am very excited! Tonight we all watched that masterful classic *snork* "The Gamesters of Triskelion" so I can review it, though first, we subjected ourselves to Collapse )

Dragon kite above cherry blossoms along Raoul Wallenberg Place, between the Washington Monument and the Tidal Basin.

Saturday Night Fever is on Cinemax right now and we are watching. Oh MAN, the music, the clothing, Travolta...so much fun despite all the appalling moments in the screenplay and Karen Lynn Gorney's not-exactly-inspiring acting. And oh, they keep showing the World Trade Center. Travolta in his skivvies! Looking fine! Damn, I am getting old. Oh yeah: and if I needed a reason to love J.K. Rowling where women are concerned, despite some characterizations in her books that make me unhappy, this made me happy.