April 11th, 2006

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Poem for Tuesday

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Today was the kids' first official day of spring break (first day when school would have been held otherwise, at least), so to celebrate we met my parents for lunch at Bagel City -- since my father works from home on Mondays, he snuck away from work and my mother had already been out shopping in the area. apaulled had gone in early and decided to meet us as well. Several fantastic tuna, egg salad, nova lox spread and corned beef bagels plus black and white cookies and chocolate covered macaroons later, we were full and happy. (Speaking of Jewish food, I posted this to witches_kitchen so I might as well share here: Moshe Ba'tayva (Moses in the Basket), dates stuffed with homemade marzipan for Passover. Everything interesting I know how to cook is a dessert. *G*)

Once my father and husband went off to work, I took the boys to Office Depot, which has 128 MB flash drives on sale after rebate for less than $4, and I ended up getting my mother to get one too because it's one rebate per household and both my son and my husband had been talking about wanting these for school/work. Then my mother went home to cook for Passover and the kids and I went to Borders because younger son wanted Taschen's gorgeous Penguin photo book and I needed to pick up a gift. After that, we took a long walk around the neighborhood -- well, I walked and the kids rode their scooters -- stopping at all the play equipment so they could twist themselves in the swings and get dizzy. Older son tends to avoid play equipment when there are kids his age around, but when it's just him and his brother, he is perfectly willing to goof off.

Forgot to post this yesterday which is maybe just as well because it will probably piss some people off, as I realized belatedly that some of the contributors are on several of my friends' friends lists here: my Green Man Review write-up of Mapping the World of Harry Potter: Science Fiction and Fantasy Authors Explore the Bestselling Fantasy Series of All Time. Which I really do not want to argue about here, as it kind of falls into the category of Real Work, but I figured if anyone was interested they could read it and we could argue privately or something. *g* I already posted my rant about the Snape chapter here anyway! Tonight because we are losers we watched The Wrath of Khan because it was on HBO Family. Spock died, again. It was very sad. Before that, he said, "Jim! Be careful," and McCoy said, "WE will!" and OMG<33333. *g*

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Thanks to celandineb for my '80s mix CDs! And the good news: we have tickets for the Nationals' Tuesday home opener against the Mets! The bad news: Dick Cheney is throwing out the first pitch! Maybe he'll miss and hit himself in the head. *veg*