April 13th, 2006

little review

Poem for Thursday

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Spent most of today with family -- talked to one of my cousins in California, took the kids to the dentist (older son ended up having two baby teeth pulled to make room for the adult teeth that need to fit in so he can avoid braces, younger son had orthodontist checkup and got brackets reglued), bought them a replacement Sonic game since one of their friends messed up the game they had already, according to them, by scratching the disc, which it's as likely that they scratched themselves -- fortunately the price had dropped significantly -- had in-laws over early and chatted with them while rushing through articles on George Takei discussing coming out with StarTrek.com and Avery Brooks being in the new Rambo movie. (The death of an Indian movie star caused my husband's company's Bangalore office to be closed today.)

Then I went to dinner at my parents' with family, in-laws, perkypaduan and friends of my parents'. As usual I ate way too much -- matzoh and haroset, salad, gefilte fish, chicken soup with matzoh balls, chicken marsala, potato latkes, carrot souffle, fruit, chocolate covered macaroons, flourless chocolate roll and I don't even remember what else. Lots. *G* Passover is by far my favorite eating holiday of the year, even though I have issues with the theology in general and my parents' Haggadahs in particular -- neutral gendered language for the Almighty, at least, but it has the traditional Four Children (the wicked child gets told that he deserves to be left to rot in Egypt) and the traditional spin on the plagues ("the Egyptians brought them upon themselves with their wickedness" -- why are the sins of the ruling class passed on to every member of the society?) As you can see I am bad at tradition for its own sake. But overall a very nice day.

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Thursday apaulled is taking the day off and we are going to Winterthur and Longwood Gardens on the Delaware-Pennsylvania border, plus the Delaware Museum of Natural History and maybe one of the other museums, depending on our timing. So I will be out all day! But you can tag or txt me and I will see how my MDA does replying off the highway. *g* Happy Maundy Thursday to those celebrating, and happy second Seder to those having one!