April 15th, 2006

little review

Poem for Saturday

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As you already know, I had a very lovely early part of the day walking at Great Falls with my family and nigita and her family. We had five kids total ranging from 4 to 12, and considering that none of them had ever met one another before, they got along amazingly. Of course it helps that at Great Falls there are rocks to climb on, snail shells to find, birds to watch, turtles to spot, etc. Afterward we went to California Tortilla for lunch, which we had already promised our kids after learning that they were giving out free chips and queso in honor of Tax Day (the government owes us money, yay!) By the time we were all done eating, it was after three and we went to get haircuts...well, three of us got haircuts and younger son declined. I suppose that we could stop going to Cartoon Cuts considering that older son is getting a little old for it and my husband and I always have been, but where else can you get a $16 haircut while watching Dora the Explorer? I've had $75 haircuts that were a lot worse.

We came home and hardly had time to change before going to dinner with my parents, with who we also watched "A Piece of the Action," which I was supposed to review Friday but it was obvious by 5 p.m. that that was not going to happen. Last year I was out of town for ten days in England over spring break, so I feel like I should be able to get three days off in a week where I have Passover, out-of-town friends and relatives visiting and two long family day trips in another state. Hubby's office was closed since the stock market was closed and we couldn't remember whether there was mail or not; is there mail on Monday?

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It's Friday night, which means that after we got home from parents' it was time for Doctor Who! Which went from near-crack last week to utterly heartbreaking! Collapse )

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