April 16th, 2006

little review

Poem for Sunday

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We got up early and drove to Hanover, where apaulled's middle brother's stepdaughter was visiting from college in Boston (they live in LA). My mother-in-law made us pancakes, sausages, eggs and muffins for brunch, and we saw Maximus the big groundhog and some bunnies out in back. Then we all piled into our van and drove to Hanover Shoe Farms, which breeds champion horses for harness racing. Lots of the mares are pregnant at this time of year; three of them had foaled early this morning, and we got to see the babies. From there we drove into Gettysburg, where we stopped at Boyds Bear Country to pick up a couple of gifts and look at all the stuffed bear displays.

Then we went to the battlefields, which Noelle had never seen and where my kids are always willing to go even if they've had enough history for awhile because there are rocks to climb on (older son knocked younger son down on a rock and scraped his leg pretty badly, sigh). The cannons had been moved from Little Round Top as part of the ongoing project to try to make the hill look exactly as it did the morning of the battle when General Warren spotted the Confederates approaching. Yet again, we had magnificent 70ish degree weather with hardly a cloud in the sky, so it was glorious to be outside. Later we went out for Mexican food in Hanover and my in-laws showed us their new computer, jigsaw, stamps in their collection and developments to the model train table!

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The Leaky Cauldron reprinted an article from the April 16th USA Weekend in which Washington Wizards player Gilbert Arenas reveals that he is a Harry Potter fan! He thinks of himself as more like Harry Potter than Viktor Krum, since he sees himself as an underdog, and compares his experiences with the press to dealing with Rita Skeeter: "That was just like a reporter in the NBA when you first start. They're like, 'Oh, you mean this,' and you're like, 'Uh, I guess so.' I think athletes can relate; you're just trying to be modest, and they make you evil before you even do anything. That happened a lot when I first started." Hee!

Have a wonderful Easter, everyone who is celebrating, and a lovely spring Sunday, everyone who is not! And hey, who sent me the virtual chocolate? Show yourself so I can thank you, please! Or at least give me a hint how I might do so. *g*