April 18th, 2006

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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Last day of spring break, relatively quiet. Some minor insanity with my parents -- father called and asked if he could take us to lunch, I said sure and went to go take a shower. Mother called while I was in the shower, younger son talked to her, she asked if she could take the kids to a movie; they said no, since they weren't dying to see anything and anyway they were about to go to lunch with Grandpa, after which they had homework to finish and wanted to play with friends. Father, of course, wanted to eat lunch at noon; mother is generally not ready to leave the house before one and doesn't want lunch till two. And naturally they had not consulted with one another; I can't tell whether they are actually Not Speaking to one another or if they just sort of casually each left the other out of their plans (mother came downtown with us Sunday to see the Dada exhibit, father begged off so HE could go see a movie). I suspect that now they have moved on to Not Speaking if they weren't before, which is fine and not really my business, but I am always irritated when invitations to me and my kids are used as salvos in whatever battle they have brewing and absolutely cannot understand why they can't tell each other their plans/wishes instead of trying to relay them through us so we have to be involved in the decision-making and appear to be taking sides.

Anyway, we ended up at IHOP with my father, where we ate a great deal and were very happy (I had the stuffed apple cinnamon french toast; older son had the chocolate chip pancakes, younger son had the new cinnamon stick things, father had regular pancakes, and we had an assortment of eggs, turkey sausage, bacon, hash browns, etc.) Then we came home and I wrote three articles (Gates McFadden, Ron Moore, a Star Trek: New Voyages guest actor) and did some research so I could interview John de Lancie in what was a tease of a phone interview -- everyone got 15 minutes with him, and he was in a garrulous mood, which was great in that all my questions got very thoroughly answered, but bad in that I only got to half of them! But really fun, and he still seems quite happy to be talking about Star Trek (this is promo for the upcoming DVD set of all the Q episodes on TNG, DS9 and VOY) even though he is staging an opera next month and just finished an Adam Sandler film. I hope they give us Michael Dorn when they do the Klingon set...I've never interviewed him and I would love to.

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We watched Digging for the Truth which was on the search for Sodom and Gomorrah, which, if they existed, were likely destroyed by earthquake, not the wrath of God, at least according to archaeologists. And Lot's wife is a 20-foot-tall stone, not a pillar of salt! Otherwise, I have frittered away the entire evening fiddling with flower photos from Pennsylvania and tagging...a certain wicked inspiring influence has me writing two utterly dirty epics at once. Does it get any more fun than that?