April 22nd, 2006

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Poem for Saturday

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Of course the big news of my day was Star Trek XI (which I will believe on the day the cameras roll, not before, no matter what Paramount is or is not saying now). Christian had it posted before I was even awake, so I just tried to keep up with how people were spinning it. StarTrek.com's director of production apparently has me on his e-mail list now because he sent me a link to the official site's article. It's funny...for all the years Paramount was in charge of Star Trek, I had trouble getting on all the mailing lists, and now that it's under the auspices of CBS, suddenly they have new publicists who have been extremely friendly and helpful. Someone got smart about courting the fans, I guess! I reviewed "A Piece of the Action", not a particularly inspired piece of writing as the episode is fantastic but not good exactly -- many large plot holes rendered irrelevant by Kirk inventing Fizzbin and Spock attempting to speak in faux Chicago gangster slang.

Otherwise, I had a pretty quiet day -- did some writing, did some laundry, had dinner with my parents and received the latest round of warnings that if we don't have every aspect of the Bar Mitzvah plans locked down by the end of this month, every single photographer, entertainment facility, musician and engraver in the greater Washington area will be booked and we'll have ruined our son's life. Oh, and my sister and her husband, who live a few minutes from the Clintons in Westchester, went to the movies with them! Not WITH them, but the Clintons were sitting two rows in front of them in a nearly empty theater and when the movie let out, they all ended up conversing. And now my Republican brother-in-law may be working on a fundraiser for Hillary, whom he likes very much, as he thinks she has represented New York very well. All I can say is, whatever it takes! My sister found them personable and unpretentious, which from my sister is saying something. I just think it's kind of neat that on a Thursday night, Bill and Hillary went to see Inside Man together...I don't really think of them as having date nights, given that it sounds like they're almost never in the same city, so maybe they actually have a good marriage beyond the need for appearances. *g*

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I am howling at the idea of the big-screen version of Dallas directed by Gurinder Chadha of Bride & Prejudice, starring John Travolta and Jennifer Lopez. Tonight was not my favorite Doctor Who, but it was enjoyable anyway, particularly since Anna Maxwell Martin aka Esther from Bleak House was playing one of the protagonists! Collapse )

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