April 25th, 2006

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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I don't know where Monday went so don't ask me! I retagged some of my tags that were jumping over the point at which LJ refers them to day pages, and I wrote articles on various original series actors and Star Trek XI possibilities plus a voice actor who was on TNG and DS9, and I did lots of writing in various places so I guess my total word count for the day is probably impressive though a lot of it was scattered so it didn't seem that way! Younger son had Mad Science and older son had fencing, so the after-school-through-dinner hours were a little hectic. Took a lovely walk in the lovely weather -- even the pollen did not get to me.

At night we all watched the second half of Elizabeth I, which once again had excellent performances and Hugh Dancy looked good enough to eat...Essex told Elizabeth at one point that she looked like she was planning to eat him, and I was sort of hoping she would (oral sex doesn't count when you're a Virgin Queen, does it? *calls Bill Clinton for consultation*) I missed Jeremy Irons...so did the queen. *g* But the dialogue was so over the top, and again Elizabeth spent so much time throwing huge temper tantrums over her boyfriends in front of hundreds of people, it's a wonder any governing went on at all while she was on the throne. Sigh.

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I posted a picture of the knitted penguin that apaulled's mother made for our younger son at penguinpics: here, along with the pattern.