April 27th, 2006

little review

Poem for Thursday

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My head is still unhappy about the pollen count; I thought yesterday that maybe it was affected by the weather fronts coming through, but there's been pressure around my eyes all Wednesday. Excedrin saved most of it for me, and made me bouncy and happy for a few hours too; vertigo66, with whom I had lunch, probably thinks I was on speed or something as I was all hyper. And I took a walk around the lake before she got there, too...it was gorgeous and not too hot, and there were geese and ducks though no goslings or ducklings, and there were azaleas and tulips and it was very pretty.

Trek news today was J.J. Abrams being irritable and saying maybe he wasn't going to direct Trek XI after all, and Jeri Ryan on the Boston Legal season finale with William Shatner, which may be entirely too much fun! Man, I hope they make out! Alan will forgive Denny and the idea of Kirk passing up an opportunity to get it on with Seven of Nine, even in an alternate universe, is just inconceivable. We all watched "The Immunity Syndrome" because I need to review Thursday instead of Friday, as I am planning to spend all day Friday with ribby before going to see Great Big Sea with her...one of McCoy's finer episodes, and both the Kirk/Spock and Spock/McCoy interaction is delightful. "Shut up, Spock! We're rescuing you!"

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nigita! Thank you so much for my present! You know I collect these and this one has been on my list for a long time? I hope you are back on this coast before we make it out your way, because that may be awhile. My younger monster sends regards to your older one!