May 2nd, 2006

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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I had a quiet Monday -- discovered that various family members had eaten or taken with them all the things I was thinking about having for lunch, and we were almost out of milk, so I ran out to get food and realized I had coupons for free chili and free chips at California Tortilla and, well, who can resist such temptation? And the Cal Tort is right near a Starbucks, which meant I could sit at the outdoor tables and use T-Mobile's hotspot to read the news while eating. Then I went to get groceries and ran into a woman I have known since my first day of seventh grade -- our last names were right next to each other in homeroom for all six years of junior high and high school -- she was with her four-year-old, our nine-year-olds are in Hebrew school together, we got to talking about how my son is going to be a Bar Mitzvah and we suddenly realized we have known each other since we were younger than he is. It's bizarre -- she and I were never really friends, we had very different interests and ran in different circles, but she has always been nice and I have known her for so much of my life at this point.

Younger son had Mad Science and made some kind of rubber band-powered race car, so came home in a good mood; older son came home happy because he had fencing in the evening. While he and hubby were out, younger son and I watched this week's Doctor Who after having had a conversation about the gerbil and whether he would bring it back to life if he was a necromancer like the ones in Necromancer Class in AdventureQuest or some online game he plays -- he said Aragorn might be a skeleton now so it would not be a good idea to bring him back to life but Boromir might be all right, which is his new way of coping. Then we ended up talking about Inferi, the Dead Marshes and other related subjects which brought us around to watching and discussing Collapse )

And tonight Casablanca was on TCM. That movie really does not ever get old. My kids had never seen it and younger son in particular watched it, to my surprise because it's much more love story than war story; he was interested anyway, particularly in the WWII politics. They recognized a lot of the famous lines from SpongeBob, Fairly Odd Parents, etc.! (Whereas hubby and I were saying, "...but this is our hill, and these are our beans!") This is one of those films where the sum of the elements is so much greater than the parts.

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apaulled linked me to this article about how last week's Commander in Chief had pissed off Hyattsville by portraying it as this center of Maryland crime when in fact the crime rate on the series was utter fiction, which amused me because so much of that show's portrayal of things in and around Washington are crack. News Monday was Patrick Stewart playing Alexander Dane from Galaxy Quest some more, still not as sexily as Alan Rickman nor as humorously since he's serious ("I played Richard III!"), and George Takei yet again explaining all the ways amendments to prevent gay marriage are anti-American, unconstitutional and just plain idiotic. I love him.

I'm still not even close to caught up, and just babbling, and I need to get to bed!