May 5th, 2006

little review

Poem for Friday

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I had a lovely Thursday -- went out to get gas and gifts at the mall, then had lunch with psu_jedi (Mexican, a day early for Cinco de Mayo but what the hell) and got to meet her little one and see her husband whom I had not seen since a Star Trek convention long ago. She lives in a house that is right near where my aunt and uncle lived when I was a child -- I recognized the street name when she said it and I recognized the neighborhood when I got there! And there is a big lake with lots of geese that almost caused a traffic accident when I was driving -- they just came marching across the road like they owned it -- it was very cute, these cars honking to suggest they get out of the way and the geese "honking" right back at them!

Younger son had soccer this evening, then we all watched Collapse ) Then we watched "A Private Little War" because I need to review it tomorrow -- funny how much more dated that one feels than the others, not because of the special effects, of which there are very few (though the Mugato really does not transfer to DVD and big screens very impressively) but because of the Cold War politics-as-inevitability. (Trek news Thursday was yet more J.J. Abrams chatter, Worldcon plans to celebrate Star Trek's 40th anniversary and Anthony Montgomery promoting himself.) Now Mulholland Falls is on...the movie in which an idiot cop can't get a film projector threaded because his fingers are too big and Louise Fletcher says, "Try your dick." Hee! Not a really great mystery but a lot of really good actors.

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It is so typical of The Washington Post and all local news that the new Nationals owners get as much air time/press space as the Moussaoui verdict. And hey, now that we have bought the DVDs of Lucas' modified versions of the original Star Wars films, they are releasing the originals so we can spend more money! Am thinking I will not buckle and get them, the same way I plan to resist the extended-extended LOTR edition.

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!