May 7th, 2006

little review

Poem for Sunday

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We had a lovely full Saturday to make up for a quiet Friday. In the morning, older son worked in my mother's Hebrew school classroom and younger son had soccer (they lost again, he is quite fed up...he was fed up when he was one of the weaker players on a very strong team, but when one's team has not won a single game, it gets frustrating). After lunch, we went downtown to the phenomenal and very crowded Collapse )

We went briefly to The Smithsonian Castle, which has a small exhibit on Legendary Coins and Currency, including some massive US gold coins that are worth far more than their weight in gold uncirculated. The Castle also has rotating examples of other representative Smithsonian possessions -- everything from equipment taken to the moon to a miniature of Robert Indiana's LOVE sculpture to Frank Lloyd Wright's place settings designed for the Imperial Hotel to one of Edison's first lightbulbs to a giant stuffed bearskin.

And then we went to the zoo, intending to see the new baby sea lions, but by the time we got there, they were apparently inside for the day. That was the bad news; the good news was that the baby panda, also inside for the day with Mei Xiang, was wide awake and showing off for visitors, and although he was behind glass we were much closer to him than we ever were when we saw him sleeping outdoors and the crowds were minimal...they let us walk right in without tickets!

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We also saw the seals, beavers, wolves and eagle, since they live right near the sea lion enclosure, as well as the pelicans who live inside it, and the Przewalski's horse, which is extinct in the wild and which the zoo is trying to breed for release. Then we came home and, being in a horse mood, watched the Kentucky Derby, about which I always have mixed feelings (I know all about the evils of horse racing so far as the animals are concerned, and find it undeniably exciting anyway). What a magnificent athlete Barbaro is. Though I was sort of rooting for Sinister Minister just because that's a great name and it's a lovely horse.

At night we watched the first half of Tristan and Isolde (turned off after an hour because both kids were watching and interested but they have Hebrew school in the morning and we agreed to wait for them). Collapse ) Part two Sunday after The West Wing, I suppose, and after a Beltane ritual and birthday party at Shadowlands!