May 8th, 2006

little review

Poem for Monday

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Sunday while apaulled took the kids to Rockville Science Day at Montgomery College, I went with vertigo66 to celebrate Beltane. I've never done that with a group before that I was part of instead of mostly an observer, and it was quite lovely and low-key -- no actual acting out of the Great Rite or jumping the bonfire, but there were penis and breast-shaped cupcakes! When I told my kids where I was going, my older son, who has just read The Da Vinci Code, wanted to know if I was going to a sex rite. Heh. (Older son has devoured that, Angels and Demons, Digital Fortress and Deception Point in about two weeks, and I am trying to figure out what books to get him next...these are really his first "adult" novels and I can't figure out what follows logically from here for a 12-year-old.) The First Pagan Church always has lots of good food and beeej was there and we did lots of chatting about Gerry Butler and other fannish subjects.

Younger son had a birthday party at Shadowlands (the laser arcade place) in the evening, so the rest of us had leftovers. In the evening we watched The West Wing, Collapse ) After that, and some emergency homework completion by sons who had only just remembered that they had work to do, we watched the end of Tristan and Isolde, which I liked as much as the first part -- again more King Arthur (both the Bruckheimer film and the legend) than the story as I've read it, but I found it more satisfying than love potions and nasty old King Mark turning on Tristan.

In the morning my younger son is playing Thomas Edison at a "wax museum" performance so I need to get to sleep, but I was just howling at Betty Bowers on The Da Vinci Code (parody Christian site, certain to offend someone, likely to offend Baptists and Catholics in particular). Her fashion analysis of the Pope alone had me wiping my eyes. Below, pictures of Whistler's Peacock Room from yesterday:

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