May 9th, 2006

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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You can thank the most lovely and wicked dementordelta for that poem, as she brought me a book of Verlaine in French and English and that's the one I can least resist since she also brought porn and fic and stuff. *g* We had California Tortilla for lunch and then went shopping and to Great Falls, which was drizzly and cool (and the water both in the canal and the river seemed absurdly low) but still gorgeous as ever and there were a great blue heron and kayaker in the Potomac and what more can anyone ask, really!

In the morning before her arrival, I went to my younger son's school for the fourth grade wax museum, in which kids dress up as different historical figures and give a spiel about their lives when you press the "button" pinned to their clothing. Mine was Thomas Edison, and apaulled and I were both amused that he talked about the fact that Edison's first experiment, an attempt to incubate goose eggs, was a dismal failure when he sat on the eggs and they cracked. That is so something younger son would try himself. We also met "Andrew Jackson", "George Washington Carver", "Juliet Low", "David Beckham" and other entertaining figures.

I rushed two Trek articles in the evening (M:I-3 stinking up the box office, which is Trek news since J.J. Abrams directed it but I suspect it has lots more to do with Tom Cruise and the franchise than the director, British mathematicians propose cloaking technology) and put away a whole pile of books threatening to collapse the dining room table. Now if only other people who lived in this house would do the same. It is the wrong night of the month for me to be chipper, so I shall depart with daily photos and schmoopy kisses for dementordelta and go to bed!

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