May 10th, 2006

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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I had a really quiet Tuesday. Reorganized a section of one of my web pages that had desperately needed it for a year. Wrote three articles (latest on Stewart saying he's not doing more Trek if asked after saying he'd do more Trek if asked, latest on Scotty memorials in Aberdeen and latest on Stargate movie possibilities). Read spoilers for the Veronica Mars season finale and realized I had not watched enough of this season to have any idea/opinion whether the revelations made sense or not. Younger son's school was doing a fundraiser with the local Baja Fresh, so on ride home from Hebrew school we picked up tacos and quesadillas but concluded that for the money we like California Tortilla better. I folded four loads of laundry while watching Much Ado About Nothing (the Branagh-Thompson version) on cable, younger son paid more attention than older son but mostly because it was Gilderoy Lockhart and Sibyll Trelawney plus the guy from The Matrix (in one of the worst performances ever, though admittedly it's a thankless character). I had forgotten that Phyllida Law, Emma's mother, played Ursula, so having just watched The Winter Guest, it was very nice to see her.

Am snorting about greedy West Wing actors ruining a retrospective for all of us...I respect that they think NBC should pay them for a fair day's work and did not always, but let's be real, this was not being done as a big moneymaker for the network, it was being done for the fans. Imagine if Trek actors had acted like this back in the day when no one had real money to use to try to get them to keep the franchise alive! This is as petty as any of Shatner's more egotistical tantrum-throwing routines. I thought Allison Janney was bigger than this. Also, legal BitTorrent movies that can't be burned to DVD...what is the point? I haven't been watching illegal Doctor Who BitTorrents because I can't stand watching for an hour on my computer way am I going to pay for a two-hour movie I can't watch on my television!

Boston Legal had very little crack tonight...well, okay, arguably it had enormous crack in some of the things Denny Crane said in the courtroom during his Global Gag Rule case, but there was no really comic storyline unless the guy suing the online dating site that lets people find out who they don't want to go out with counts. Collapse ) Oh, and in the evening we saw our first tent caterpillar of the season. This is a cause for great joy for my kids and great woe for the gardeners in our neighborhood. Fortunately our yard is such a disaster that nothing can scare us.

Blue jay at the National Zoo on Saturday.