May 14th, 2006

little review

Poem for Sunday

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Saturday younger son had a soccer game smack in the middle of the afternoon, so we could not plan any long-distance expotitions. That being the case, I wrote a couple of articles in the morning -- Alexander Siddig talking about Hannibal, George Takei talking about Roddenberry's being afraid to have gay characters on Star Trek -- and burned a couple of DVDs for my uncle. After soccer, where younger son played fairly well but his team lost again, to his aggravation, we had a bunch of stores we needed to stop in, so we went up to Gaithersburg where we knew there was a Borders, a CVS and a foreign food store all in close proximity (apaulled needed marzipan for something he is concocting for me and his mother for Mother's Day). Although we had talked about going to Seneca Creek State Park to hike a little, I convinced him to go to the lake in Montgomery Village to see whether any of the numerous geese there had babies yet, and we hit the jackpot.

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Otherwise we had a quiet evening; younger son wanted to watch The Revenge of the Sith (maybe he associates it with geese since I took last year's gosling pictures before the movie), so we put that on for about half the movie until it was bedtime (screenplay hasn't gotten any better, Ewan still looks good and I love the dinosaur-thing), then hubby and I put on Saturday Night Live thinking Tom Hanks was on this week but apparently we had the wrong week, so after Al Gore we turned off Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Oh, and dementordelta linked me to fairestcat's reproductions of gay army towel ads. I want to be the towel girl! Or the crocodile! And where IS that one guy's hand!

For Mother's Day I will be out with my parents, apaulled's parents and my kids. So I may be tired by evening. *g* Hope all mothers and everyone who has a mother has a lovely Sunday!