May 17th, 2006

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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Again no major news to report -- woke up, did some writing and editing, posted articles on Stewart expressing surprise that no one at Paramount is beating down the door for another Next Generation movie even though the team behind Nemesis had an idea for one and on the new HTC STRTrk Smartphone which is not available in the US but will be in Europe very soon. Kids had their Hebrew school final exam today, so I picked them up so they could get in a little studying before the tests. I wish I had a good explanation of where my time went otherwise...I'm about three days behind on answering comments and haven't looked at my flist!

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And I am sorry to report that Boston Legal is over for the season! Though it went with a bang, pretty much...several bangs actually, and Captain Kirk kissed Seven of Nine which was my number one hope for the show! Since I was pretty darned sure Captain Kirk would not be kissing Daniel Jackson. Collapse )