May 30th, 2006

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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For the past several days the news has been nearly ten degrees off in predicting the temperature every day...Sunday at the ball game we were not expecting to melt in the parking lot, and Monday it was over 90 degrees in Alexandria even by the water! We had a nice day anyway, though we did not end up going aboard the replica of the Godspeed, Collapse )

In the evening, since we had spent much of the day in one of his chosen cities, we watched the History Channel special on Washington the Warrior ("America's First Action Hero"), which was interesting if a lot of the same material from the special last year on Washington's career during the French and Indian War...I did not realize that he had been present when his stepdaughter died, and when the professors started going on about what an extraordinary thing it was that he had turned down an offer of a crown, I wondered just how lucky we all got that he had no children of his own. If he had had a son, given the pressures of the time, would he have felt obligated to try to establish a dynasty for his own children's sake even if he thought it was a bad idea for the nation? Things worked out really well, I think, that he became the father of our country rather than a biological father.

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I did have one crisis. It seems that I got something on the sensor for my camera -- there is a smudge that shows up in the upper left corner on all my photos, whether I am using the macro lens or the telephoto so I know it's not the lens. I called Ritz Camera but they said that they'd have to ship it to Nikon, as they won't mess with it for fear of breaking it. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am not sending my camera to Nikon for six weeks when we are going on a long vacation in four weeks!

And I have discovered L'Occitane en Provence's Neroli perfume. I MUST HAVE THIS. They had samples in my local store but none in stock and all they have on the web is quite expensive! I don't suppose anyone knows a similarly wonderful less expensive alternative?

I got very little work done this weekend due to the holiday and all the running around...must catch up tomorrow!