May 31st, 2006

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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Also for celandineb since she likes to cook, though I posted it in witches_kitchen to share: Chocolate Tort With Pistachio Cream, a recipe from George Washington's era sent to me by one of the chefs at Mount Vernon after we tried samples of it at the colonial fair last fall and it was one of the best tasting desserts ever. So are Lindt's chocolate covered marzipan balls, which neotoma and I were given samples of at lunchtime after eating with gblvr -- somehow in my rush to the mint and raspberry truffles, I had missed the fact that Lindt made chocolate covered marzipan, which is one of my and my father-in-law's favorite things. Ahh, chocolate joy!

TrekToday, The Trek Nation, Get Desperate and CSI Files have all moved to a new server which already seems to be moving faster than the old server, and there are better spam filters on the mail which has made my Thunderbird very happy, not to mention my clicking finger that was always sending the junk to the trash! I wrote articles on Patrick Stewart maybe possibly being done with science fiction until the next time, Rick Berman acknowledging that DS9 was the best non-Roddenberrian idea he ever had, and Jolene Blalock's Slow Burn with Ray Liotta being picked up by Lionsgate, all of which was reasonably fun to write about. In other online news I am trying to break up my tags that have so many entries they go to day view -- I think 100 is the cutoff though it may be 120 -- starting with sports and politics. I'm only halfway through the latter but I think I got most of the 2004 election stuff.

Tonight we watched the NOVA special on Mount Kilimanjaro and its melting glaciers (on a related note, I hear Mount St. Helens blew off steam today), then we watched the fourth and fifth episodes of Brideshead Revisited. I'm not really happy with how thoroughly Lady Marchmain is reviled; sure, she's a poster child for passive-aggressive and trying to meddle with her children, but at least she's there instead of running away to Italy with a mistress and she's completely up front about what she wants for herself and for them...she may play at niceness when she has selfish ends, but she doesn't make any pretense about what she would like everyone to do, and given that Sebastian is a second son and not in line to inherit anyway, it would be nice if he had some sort of plan to do something with his life, even if it's to be a decadent aristocrat. I am a lot happier when it's suggested that his alcoholism and his father's is a disease instead of a character flaw, too, which is something that even Charles (who is still insanely in love with him -- he hardly seems aware in these two episodes that Julia is alive except when she can help him with Sebastian) tends to do.

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So I am caught up on Trek news, laundry, Bar Mitzvah scheduling and GMR articles but now I am behind on LJ comments! Soon! *wails*