June 3rd, 2006

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Poem for Saturday

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I have a new nephew! James Clair, named after his grandfathers (this is the son of my husband's middle brother and his wife; they have an eighteen-year-old, a nine-year-old and a three-year-old). The baby's lungs weren't quite mature, so he was in intensive care for several hours and they are keeping him overnight for observation; his birth was a c-section, so his mother will be in the hospital for another few days anyway. I learned this from my in-laws, with whom I had a lovely quiet half-hour visit discussing European travel and the new Hanover library before we went to my younger son's violin concert at school. Each of the students had composed a short piece and the teacher recorded accompaniment on his keyboard; my son's was called "Attack of the Pillows" (no, I have no idea why!) My parents and apaulled came to the concert too, so son was very pleased to have such a big family audience. The teacher let one girl who had obviously been playing the violin for most of her life play a very long solo piece, which was very pretty but took up so much time that some of the composed pieces didn't get played and all the band instruments were rushed -- not the best planning. My son likes him a lot as a music teacher, though, so I forgive him.

On the way out I ran into my son's classroom teacher, who said she urgently needed a printout of his penguin play with a couple of corrections, preferably by the end of the school day as they were having the ones that were being performed for the school photocopied for distribution Monday morning. So son and I raced home, booted the computer and got the corrections printed and rushed back to the school. Meanwhile older son called to tell me that his bus was over half an hour late due to traffic, could I please pick him up at the first bus stop instead of making him walk home from the last one? In-laws volunteered to get him while I finished my Star Trek review ("The Omega Glory") and the site columns. When apaulled got home, we went to the annual school fundraiser bash, which was in a strange state this year because of the thunderstorms predicted for this evening (which we are getting now, along with flash flood warnings). The DJ was sent to the All-Purpose room, the moon bounce was set up on the front lawn but there was no giant inflatable slide, the food was served in the cafeteria and the tables were set up inside but the cotton candy, face-painting and assorted other games were outside. They brought in pizza and California Tortilla, so we ate well, and the kids did lots of running around.

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I don't know whether to be really happy about Doctor Who or really unhappy, since we're down to the final Eccleston episodes and who knows how many years we might have to wait before we get the Tennant episodes...and I am not sure I want non-Eccleston episodes, though Torchwood cannot arrive soon enough. Collapse )