June 7th, 2006

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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So I was very cranky this morning and should have known it was going to be that time of the month by evening, even though it's early for me. Whoo, I will be over bitch mode by the time celandineb comes to visit on Thursday! Went Tuesday morning to a presentation in my younger son's class, the environmentally safe houses they designed in science and what they learned about Native Americans in social studies; my son was in the Iroquois group and read about their customs and religion (each group had made a PowerPoint presentation which they then read from verbatim *g*). As for the environmental houses, one group had designed one for living in the rainforest, another for a suburb like ours, and what did son's group do? A house at the South Pole, complete with a penguin out front! Guess who made the pop-up illustration for that part! Lazar, one of the other boys, had made a palm tree for an indoor room to show how warm it was inside, though son found that inappropriate for the South Pole. Heh.

My mother had said she wanted to come to the presentation and we only told her five times what time it was...of course when we called in the morning to tell her we were leaving right after 9, which is when we told her the night before we would be going, she reacted in total surprise and got there late, missing son's Iroquois presentation and reacting as if this was somehow my fault. However, later in the day she came over with a friend with books of Bar Mitzvah invitations and ended up taking me and friend both out to lunch at Legal Seafood, where we all had excellent salads with grilled shrimp and raspberry and pineapple dressing, so all is forgiven. (I had to go to the mall anyway so I could get Bath & Body Works shower gel while it was still on sale for $3 per bottle!) After I got kids, I came home to review the Q DVD set, which officially came out today...man, I love John de Lancie, even if I had blocked out how incredibly painful I find all three Voyager Q episodes, for a variety of reasons mostly having to do with raging sexism.

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I meant to fold laundry this evening but was led astray by porn dementordelta, who tagged me for painless_j's Old Fic Rec Meme: If you are tagged, rec one old fic on your LJ, or just gush about how much you love it. Old in these circumstances means written before OotP or by an author who left fandom. The older the better, but you must really like it. Don't forget to give the link so that other people can go enjoy it. Tag five people. Now, I still avoid rec communities and this is sort of that, and dementordelta doesn't know that I wasn't reading fic before OotP -- the HP series were my kids' books rather than mine. However, I can name the one story that singlehandedly pulled me into a particular pairing and thus into the fandom: eponis' "Thirteen Ways". Which I have pimped here before more than once. Certain people who like to make lists of the greatest Snupin ever written *ahem*, usually much taken up with their own fic and that of their friends, sometimes leave this one off, which pains me because I don't think I've ever seen the pairing done better (for the particular moment of a fic, since we all know living canon is slippery). Now, since I hate being tagged for things, I won't single anyone out...but if you have a fic that you think everyone should read, by all means tell people so if you want to and you can blame it on me!