June 9th, 2006

little review

Poem for Friday

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Just a quickie as I am visiting with celandineb, or rather she is visiting with me (and being driven crazy by my cats, who seem to have a sensor for people who are allergic to them and try to climb all over them, as ribby will attest!) We went to Great Falls, where we saw many herons -- six on one spot! -- and salamanders (including one with a blue tail that I wanted to get a photo of so mecurtin could tell me if she knew what kind it was, but it was too zippy and ducked under the boardwalk) as well as the expected geese and turtles. Then we went out for Middle Eastern food and came home to watch porn selected scenes from Total Eclipse, Dark Harbor, An Awfully Big Adventure...all right, I showed her Alan Rickman and David Thewlis naked, because if you only remember seeing one thing in Maryland, it should be that!

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Then for better or worse she was subjected not only to my children, but to my mother, who had volunteered to take older son shopping for pants to wear to a Bar Mitzvah this weekend to which she and he are going though apaulled and I are not. Son REFUSED to model any of the pants and was apparently rather rude, so she bought him clothes that might not have fit and was not terribly pleased. (Nor was son, who apparently had better things to do with his Thursday afternoon than go shopping with Grandma!) Younger son had soccer practice, so some of us watched Sharpe while others went out and got dinner, and then we all watched "The Ultimate Computer" before younger son had a meltdown over my making a joke about boys and bathrooms being a messy mix.

Friday younger son's penguin play is being performed in the afternoon, then older son has Hebrew tutoring. If celandineb is completely insane when next she posts, now you will all know why!