June 10th, 2006

little review

Poem for Saturday

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I went looking for the exact title of the Masefield poem quoted in the Star Trek episode I was reviewing, "The Ultimate Computer" (it's "Sea-Fever" with a hyphen -- "All I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by"), and I came across Masefield's sonnets, and this one made me think of tonight's Doctor Who so there you have it.

Have had a very kid-ful couple of days, which poor celandineb had to be right in the middle of...she got to witness younger son in full meltdown mode Thursday night, and Friday I dragged her to his class puppet show! We did have a lovely lunch before that (seafood -- macademia-crusted scrod, does it get any better than that) and did some writing, and she apparently survived being in the house with Rosie and Cinnamon who were most indignant at being shut out of her room and yowled piteously at some ridiculous hour of the morning. The puppet show was actually hilarious -- seven short dramas, every one of them including magical animals and traveling all over the world (one family conveniently had a hovercraft in the garage, and there were dogs and rabbits that could do magic...when I asked son whether magical animals or travel was a requirement, he said no). Son narrated a play about a poodle who had a daughter who was a golden retriever and he wanted her to be a poodle, and was a puppeteer in a play about a superhero and a cockroach, but the highlight was his play about why penguins wear tuxedos, which involved being insulted by an Antarctic researcher and trading a lot of shrimp for tuxedos with the little blue penguins of New Zealand.

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Have been watching Prisoner of Azkaban which we are recording off cable so we don't have to take our good copy with us on our trip. Am trying to figure out when certain jailbait actors started looking so good to me. I blame Evil Influences, who know who they are.