June 11th, 2006

little review

Poem for Sunday

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Older son went to a Bar Mitzvah with my parents -- a boy his year who was my mother's Hebrew school classroom aide, so we don't know the family -- and after younger son's last soccer game of the year, we went to the National Zoo to see the baby sloth bear, the new rescued sea lions and the baby kiwi (who regrettably was not on display, nor were the baby tigers though we knew that before we left). It was an utterly magnificent 70ish degree day and the zoo was mobbed...it took us nearly half an hour to park, but once we got there we found a picnic table and had lunch brought from home and walked down to see the beavers, wolves, etc. just because we like them and wandered around most of the outdoor exhibits -- not the pandas this time, we didn't have advance tickets and it was mobbed. It will take many days to display all the cuteness.

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Otherwise I had stress about Bar Mitzvah invitations, stress about trip stuff and enormous stress about work-related stuff and money. I am in a very untenable situation and am realizing I can't do a damn thing about it, and I also probably shouldn't talk about it until it works itself out one way or another. So I am just going to look at the cute animals some more and hope that Sunday, when we are going to Baltimore, there will be shorter lines to get aboard the Godspeed as well as the HMS Northumberland which is visiting! Oh, look, it's my half-birthday; do I get half a cake? Six months till forty...I better get cracking on all those things I wanted to do before I turned forty!