June 13th, 2006

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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The lovely dementordelta came to visit me! She brought DVDs for us to watch and a penguin comic book for younger son, who now adores her, and we went out for Middle Eastern food and discussed the comparative virtues of snogging scenes vs. shagging scenes on video and tried to figure out who those two middle aged wannabe wizards who left their socks on but nonetheless had really hot sex with lots of kissing and stroking in Harry Squatter and the Sorcerer's Bone were supposed to be (I think the one in the olive green pants must be a Slytherin, but Draco would never be caught dead wearing anything with those big carpenter pockets and Lucius would never be caught dead with pimples on his bum). Somewhere, we are confident, someone has done a Harry Potter porn parody with appropriate barely-legals as the students. I for one was relieved, however, that the "headmaster" in this DVD looked more like Jason Isaacs than Richard Harris!

Older son had his last fencing class of the season Monday evening. The kids have only one full day left of school for the year. Older son is not allowed to put anything in his locker starting tomorrow, so he is not bringing much with him and we are sincerely hoping he 1) turned everything in and 2) brought everything home he needed to. Younger son is likely to be in a portable classroom again next year -- a new portable classroom, since the county is replacing all the nightmarish portables currently at the school, and the teachers are being shuffled around as apparently there has been some rebellion against teaching year after year in the portables by the fifth grade teachers who've been out there for several years. Next year only one of this year's fifth grade teachers is teaching fifth grade again, which has us somewhat concerned. The county has also approved moving up the school's modernization schedule but we didn't even bother to petition the school board because it will be too late to affect our own kids and we want to make sure there's money for the middle schools if those also develop issues with their portables!

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