July 6th, 2006

little review

Poem for Thursday

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Beware, as mostly griping ensues. Today I went to get labels printed for the Bar Mitzvah invitations, something I expected to take maybe an hour or two even if some great crisis arose like Staples being out of clear labels and Kinko's not having the right templates installed...ended up at Office Depot, after having lunch with apaulled and the kids out due to the lack of working cable all morning, and waited literally for hours for the guy to fix first the computer with the MSWord templates, then the machine capable of printing color onto labels, finally gave up to print them in black but...you know, this is not worth reiterating. I cut my hand on the side of the plastic laundry basket somehow yesterday in the midst of the hundred thousand laundries, and it stings far more than it seems to me like it should, and I have two swollen lymph nodes on the back of my head right where my skull meets my neck and no idea whether there is a connection -- I don't think I have any infections and can't figure out what would be making my lymph nodes so painful right now. Can a two-and-a-half-week-old spider bite on my foot that appears to be scabbed over and healing cause the lymph nodes on my neck to go berserk?

Anyway, I'm not feeling well physically and have SO much to do -- I don't know how much is caused by stress and weird eating patterns. The cable was back tonight, thank all higher powers, but I didn't make a dent in mail, comments, etc. piled up from previous days and now I'm totally zotzed. Tomorrow mother is taking older son to be measured for a suit while I get all the invitations stamped and mailed, along with all the other mail I owe (yes, beeej, I'm sending the Dawson's Creek, and mailing the penguin postcards I was supposed to mail while traveling)! Am trying not to be all spazzed and focus on things like how good the invitations look, but I feel...mostly just stressed.

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In the mood for these because we were watching The Revolution on The History Channel. I love stuff about Washington.