July 12th, 2006

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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Tuesday we went to Assateague Island National Seashore -- I had wanted to go to Chincoteague, but was outvoted by people who thought it was too long a ride (and since our van's back seat is stuck so we can't volunteer to drive everyone I had no leverage to protest). It was warmer and muggier than previous days, but there was a nice breeze by the water. We went to the visitor's center with its touch tank and aquarium with local fish and shellfish, including flounder, sea horses, horseshoe crabs and whelks; then we walked to the National Aquarium's wildlife rescue exhibit, and then drove over to the island.

Unlike last year, when we had to observe the ponies from a distance, this time they were right up by visitors, grazing and crossing the roads and all over the place near the old boat house. It is against the law to feed or touch the horses but they came within a couple of feet of tourists with cameras. There were also sika -- the little Japanese deer released on the island earlier this century which now wander and eat the brush -- and white-tail deer right near the bridge to and from the island, where the park police were shooing people trying to stop traffic to take photos. We walked out on the boardwalk to the dock where people drop crab traps -- there are egrets, assorted gulls and red-winged blackbirds in the marshes and we saw a couple of crabs scuttling in the muddy bay water. Then, after driving off the island to go find lunch, we came back to see the shipwreck and the Atlantic shore, though we couldn't get a spot in the parking lot so we didn't stay there, just took more photos of the wildlife.

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By the time we got back to Bethany in the late afternoon, the temperature had dropped as the clouds moved in, so we went to a lovely cool beach for awhile to wade in the surf. Then my father took the kids to the heated outdoor pool, where there was a concert going on, while apaulled and I came back to the condo to shower and do laundry. Collapse ) In the evening younger son created a penguin pal on Neopets and older son hung out with the other menfolk. I would have liked to go back to the beach in the evening to look for ghost crabs, but the Baseball All-Star Game was on so there was no chance of anyone going with me!