July 18th, 2006

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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The weather continued hot and miserable so my big excitement for the day was taking the kids to Target. I also tried to catch up on Star Trek news, only to discover I didn't miss much! Other than the annual Emmy nomination round-up article, which I had assumed someone else would get posted (I think now I'll wait till the morning of the Emmys to talk about who's up for what), there isn't much on other genre sites that we're way behind in covering. Covering the news was mostly reading about J.J. Abrams' new contract -- which just makes me think he is a greedy jerk, and considering I'm not even a Lost fan, does nothing to excite me -- plus discovering that Jeri Ryan is getting married again, probably too late to save Jack's career in Illinois politics though. *snerk*

I know the Emmy nomination system changed this year because people felt the old system favored the big networks too much, but I see that the WB didn't fare any better in its final season of existence, and there are a lot of inexplicable omissions -- Felicity Huffman and Patricia Arquette both went from winning last year to not even getting nominated this year? And I'm happy Shatner got a nod, but why did Spader not get one too when he carries the emotional weight of Boston Legal? It's just silly. Ah well, I gather that Patrick Stewart did get a nomination for some HBO guest appearance.

vertigo66 had a link to this site with the worst URLs around. I've long thought about registering thepenismightierthanthesword.com, so I was really howling about the penisland one, though that one is clearly not accidental: "Whether you're looking for a long and skinny pen, a thick pen, a fountain pen that squirts ink, or even a black pen, we have just the one for you." Hee!

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Watched the first POTC with the kids in the evening because we were all in the mood for it and it is always good, not a film that ever gets old. In the morning the van is going in to be fixed -- one of the rear seats is stuck and won't come up, and we need the tire looked at -- so I will be home with boys without transportation. I may make hubby come home for lunch so we can drop him off at work and go see Over the Hedge or something and then pick him up at the end of the day.