July 19th, 2006

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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I am officially sick of this heat wave. Not only have I had a headache every day since I got back from the beach -- not one long consistent headache, thankfully, but every evening after spending as little time out of doors as possible I've still ended up with one -- but the kids are completely stir-crazy, not in camp till next week and I can't even order them to go outside and run around between 10 and 4.

Today, since the van was in being repaired in the morning, we went out for California Tortilla for a late lunch and then upon discovering that Over the Hedge is no longer playing anywhere near here, went to see POTC:DMC again. The kids asked for it, honestly! I must admit that I have a new favorite line and a new favorite hilarious moment this time around, now that I caught the details: Collapse ) Because the movie has given me bunnies:

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Had minor crisis with parents regarding last-minute Bar Mitzvah invitations. Ran into friends of theirs at the movies, people apaulled and I like very much, sister and brother-in-law of another friend of my parents who is already invited. Told mother I wanted them on the list. Mother has been in a weird position because father can't stand her best friend's husband, who admittedly has done some very horrible things -- father refused to have him at the Bar Mitzvah even though I wanted mother's friend, had offered to invite her just coming from me and her daughter with whom I went to school. Apparently parents argued it out because now they are saying to invite them as well as the people we ran into at the movies. And now I think we are utterly done with invitations!

Let's see. I could talk about Israel but pretty much all coverage except Tikkun's makes me cry for one reason or another. I could talk about -- surprise! -- the discovery that federal funds for crisis pregnancy centers are being used to tell women who choose to terminate pregnancies that they're going to die of breast cancer if they don't kill themselves first from "post-abortion syndrome." But, you know, I think I'd rather think about pirates.