August 4th, 2006

little review

Poem for Friday

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perkypaduan, agentirish and I decided earlier in the week that we required a matinee to survive the weather forecast (100 degrees in the shade with relative humidity high enough to give me a pre-Excedrin headache), so we went to see Lady in the Water. This is the second Shyamalan movie I have liked better than most reviews I've read (and apparently better than most box-office markers), though I think he's a much better director than he is a writer; he gets wonderful performances out of his actors, but I didn't find The Sixth Sense or Unbreakable all that difficult to predict (I was spoiled for The Village before I saw it) and I knew precisely what mistakes Cleveland Heep was making in Lady in the Water before he did. Collapse )

Had lunch at the mall -- Japanese food, since I didn't eat anything during the movie -- and dinner at my parents' since we won't be there tomorrow evening for Shabbat. The major topic of conversation was which of their friends should sit where at the Bar Mitzvah. Trek news Thursday was a Variety article on people trying to get rich and famous making fan films (with about as much success as people trying to get rich and famous writing fan helps if your husband or best friend is a producer, a publisher, a director, an agent, etc.) and the Sci-Fi Channel getting the rights to Enterprise, which I don't care about all that much, and Threshold, which hopefully means they'll air the episodes that CBS never showed, and a bunch of movies and miniseries. I have to write my review of "Spock's Brain" tomorrow and am trying to come up with something nice to say beyond "Kirk is staggeringly gay in this episode."

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I spent a ridiculous amount of time in the evening removing AOL's virus and spyware protection, which slows the computer to a crawl, and installing McAfee which Comcast is now giving to broadband customers...had to boot in safe mode just to get AOL out of there, cost me much of my evening, and then had to reinstall Outlook and ActiveSync because McAfee had apparently wiped out the synchronization settings between my MDA and my computer!

Ah well, am laughing tonight at Mrs. Betty Bowers ("America's Best Christian") on Mel Gibson ("Frankly, I am furious with Mel for spilling the beans...Mel's honesty makes things very uncomfortable for Christians everywhere after we spent the past two millennia saying, 'There is nothing anti-Semitic about a story that blames the death of God on those filthy Christ-killers!'") because a little perspective is helpful. We are going to see Macbeth at the Blackfriars Playhouse in Staunton Friday night and are staying over to hike around Skyline Drive, so if I don't manage to post from there, I will post from home late Saturday!